30/10/01 - Armour

- Armours

There are a variety of armours in Morrowind, and they can come in all different shapes and sizes, the currently known types of armour and displayed below

- Cloth Armour

Armour Type: Cloth
Armour Class: N/A

Description: Clothing is the most basic form of protection in Morrowind, any class can wear it and it comes in a wide variety of designs. One special feature of clothing in Morrowind is that it affects how NPC's react to you. Wear cheap clothes and your character will probably not get any respect for example. Clothing can be supplemented by wearing other armour over it. Clothing in Morrowind is often designed with protection from the harsh ashy volcanic conditions of Vvardenfell in mind.

- Fur Armour

Armour Type: Fur
Armour Class: Light?

Description: Fur armour is derived from the hides of the creatures of Tamriel. Whilst perhaps warm and uncomfortable to wear in the climates of Vvardenfell and is probably more susseptible to the ashy atmosphere, it is more readily available than most other armour types and can serve the job of providing some degree of protection. It is definately a useful armour type for starting out adventurers who cannot afford the more exclusive armours.

- Netch Leather

Armour Type: Netch Leather
Armour Class: Light

Description: Most outlanders adopt the comfortable and affordable native netch leather armour style when they come to Morrowind. Unlike the leather armours of the rest of Tamriel, Netch leather is designed specifically for the unusual Vvardenfell atmosphere, and is suprisingly both lighter and stronger than leather armour equivalents that are found elsewhere. Netches are strange bug like creatures which explode upon death making their hides easily harvestable.

- Chitin Laminated Armour

Armour Type: Chitin
Armour Class: Light

Description: Made from laminated insect shell glued with organic resins, chitin armor is superior to any comparable Western light armor designs. Chitin armour gives better protection, but is lighter and more comfortable, than Western light leather and reinforced leather armours. Chitin armour looks as though it could be a suitable armour type for their classes and scout type warriors who need to get places fast or have a lot to carry and cant manage it with heavier armours.

- Great House Armour

Armour Type: Bonemold
Armour Class: Medium

Description: Also known as 'Great House' armor in Morrowind. This armour is yet another form of material adapted from the resources available in Vvardenfell. Unusually, unlike the other cheap and cheerful chitin and netch armours which are derived from the insect populace of the region, bonemold is a more expensive armour, generally only affordable by the nobles of the region. Bonemold appears to be a valid alternative to other "imported" armours such as much of the Imperial legion use.

- Dwarven/Dwemer Armour

Armour Type: Dwemer
Armour Class: Heavy

Description: Dwarven armour is unusual to Tamriel in that it is not produced by any races. The secrets associated in forging the armour were lost with the extinction of the Dwemer, a race more commonly known throughout Tamriel as Dwarves. Dwarven armour tends to be very heavy, as is shown here by its bulky design. It is, due to its rarity, hugely expensive, even for a single piece. Whilst complete sets of the armour might exist they are likely to be few and far between.

- Glass Armour

Armour Type: Glass
Armour Class: Light

Description: This is a very expensive light armour type, probably the most expensive light armour in the game. It is, however, the most durable and effective light armour available in Vvardenfell due to the incorporation of the volcanic glass which is very good at distributing shock and is actually both lighter and more effective than steel. The volcanic glass in question does not make armour alone, there are also a wide variety of weapon types made from the substance.

- Iron Plate

Armour Type: Iron
Armour Class: Heavy

Description: This armour type is typical of that used throughout Tamriel as the standard heavy campaigning armour for military forces. It's usefullness is limited however in Vvardenfell due to its cumbersome nature along with factors such as the arguably more effective lighter armours. There are some benefits to be had by using this armour however, and that includes the fact that it is widely available and relatively cheap to aquire.

- Imperial Guard Heavy Armour

Armour Type: Steel Plate + Chain
Armour Class: Heavy

Description: Imperial Guard armor is a combination of steel plate and chain, which does carry some degree of advantage over the standard infantry equipment. It is more comfortable to wear than full plate although it still falls amongst the category of the heavy armour types. Imperial Guard armour is definately the kind of equipment that an adventuring warrior type character should consider aquiring particularly if they are to be involved in a lot of melee combat.

- Imperial Templar Armour

Armour Type: Plate, Chain + Leather
Armour Class: Heavy

Description: Officers of the Imperial Legion and knights of the various Imperial military orders are privileged to wear this armor. Again, like the Imperial Guard armour, it is suitable for melee combats, and it also consists of a mixture of plate and chain. It is, however, a cumbersome armour type, and as with other heavy armours, it is probably not a wise idea to try to swim whilst wearing these materials, unless you are amongst the strongest and most athletic of characters.

- Indoril Armour

Armour Type: Laminate armour + gold leaf
Armour Class: Heavy

Description: Ordinator armour, better known as "Indoril" armour, is worn by the guards associated with the Tribunial Temple. This armour type is the heaviest of armour types that are constructed from laminated bugs. It is however stunning in appearance, perhaps due to the gold leaf which is used to provide the pauldron designs for the armour. It is certainly a good choice of heavy armour for those who wish to stay away from the more traditional armour constructions.

- Orcish Medium Armour

Armour Type: Steel Plate
Armour Class: Medium

Description: Orcish armour is surprisingly light compared to other steel constructed armours. Unlike those other armours it is provided with a degree of comfort due to its interior cloth padding. Many are surprised that such a high quality armour could have come from a race as barbaric as the Orcs, however there few who wouldn't pay premium prices to aquire a set of orcish armour if they were capable of affording it. It's complicated design even outmatches many dunmer designs.

- Ebony

Armour Type: Ebony
Armour Class: Heavy?

Description: Ebony armour is made from a rare form of volcanic glass found amongst the buried deposits and surface lava flows of Vvardenfell's Red Mountain. 'Ebony' refers to the black, glassy surface of ebony armour and is amongst the strongest materials which one could be fortunate enough to be in posession of. Like all good things however, it comes at a large cost due both its lack of availability and high quality. Ebony can also be constructed to make weaponry.

- Daedric

Armour Type: Daedric
Armour Class: Heavy?

Description: Daedric armour is constructed from refined ebony which has been undergone change through the craft and magical substances of the lesser minions of Oblivion. Daedric armour is the rarest, and therefore most expensive armour in Tamriel, each single piece costing an absolute fortune. However it is also the most powerful and effective form of armour that can be found, although aquiring such pieces of armour is virtually always an extremely dangerous process.
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