23/11/01 - Classes
- Classes

There are many different occupations in the adventuring world of Tamriel, some are more common than most, such as knights and mages, whilst some are more obscure derivatives of the basic adventurer such as nightblades and pilgrims. Below is a list of the known default character classes of Morrowind. This page will eventually be expanded to contain full descriptions of each character class, including their strengths, weaknesses and basic skills.

There will be 21 default character classes in Morrowind, *denotes new to Morrowind

Warrior - Standard adventurer who places an emphasis on using cold steel.
Mage - Standard magic using adventurer of Tamriel prefers magic to melee.
Thief - Stealth adventurer, specialises in the aquisition of other peoples objects.
Battlemage - A mage who specialises in destructive magics.
Spellsword - A warrior with some magical capabilites.
Bard - A reasonably good average of many classes, adept at speechcraft.
Healer - Probably a mage specialising in restoration
Scout* - A replacement of the ranger, will probly be a lightly armoured warrior.
Rogue - A variation on the theif, but with some warrior tendancies.
Nightblade - A thief/mage character.
Witchhunter* - No idea;)
Pilgrim* - Probably similar to Dagerfall's monks, hand to hand specialists perhaps?:)
Acrobat - A character who will have high focus on speed and agility.
Barbarian - A variaton of the warrior.
Sorcerer - A variation of the mage.
Crusader* - A replacement for the knight perhaps?
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