23/11/01 Guilds

- Guilds and Organisations

One might suspect a radically different structure in Morrowind when compared to the rest of Tamriel, but in reality the mass of governing guilds and organisations are still in place at the core of Dunmer society. The core of the guilds in Morrowind however are the Great Houses, and there are three of these in place on Vvardenfell.


- House Hlaalu -(Thieves)-

Description: Great House Hlaalu are currently the most closely associated guild with the governing of Vvardenfell. Indeed it was their policy that opened up the island to the 3E 414 land rush which brough about a lot of Imperial settlements, mostly in the south of the island. Hlaalu and Imperial interests immediately moved to colonize Vvardenfell as the prospect of settlement was opened up. Redoran and Telvanni were slower, and consequently they have fewer holdings. Hlaalu do of course have better relations with the non dunmer settlers, but their house is closely associated with a mix of theives and merchants and those out looking for profit as opposed to glory or knowlege.

- House Telvanni -(Mages)-

Description: The Telvanni are passionate isolationists, and initially disdained to claim Vvardenfell holdings. However, after a group of relatively young and ambitious wizards offered to risk themselves on Vvardenfell, House Telvanni agreed to let these young wizards move to Vvardenfell, on the theory that these young wizards were expendable, and would be less trouble to the establishment if they were off on Vvardenfell island stirring up trouble with the other houses. The Telvanni presence on Vvardenfell ensures the presence of some form of mage guild. Their houses stand out from the rest of the islands structures, in that they are actually grown rather than constructed.

- House Redoran -(Warriors)-

Description: The Redoran are predominantly the warrior class of the Dunmer and they, like the other Great Houses, also objected to opening Vvardenfell to Imperial colonisation. After considerable soul-searching however, and after reflecting on the political and economic advantages they'd be ceding to House Hlaalu, decided to sacrifice their principles and expand their holdings on the island of Vvardenfell.


- Minor Guilds

It could be argued that there is no such thing as a minor guild, as they all have some sort of function in society, however the other guilds on Vvardenfell will probably never be competing to be the top dog like the three Great Houses, except maybe in the distant future should the Dres or Indoril houses finally take their presence to the island.

- Morag Tong -(Assassins)-

The Morag Tong dates from at least as far back as the second era and they were, and no doubt still are, worshippers of the daedra spirit Mephala, who encouraged them to commit ritual murders. In their early years, they were as disorganized as cultists usually are and that eventually led to the formation of the Dark Brotherhood. Quite how closely the Morag Tong and Dark Brotherhood are associated is cloudy, with hints suggesting that the Brotherhood was a breakaway faction, yet with other hints suggesting they are both the same thing. One thing is clear however, despite the nature of the guild it still has a presence which is tolerared to some degree through fear and perhaps even usefullness more than anyting else.
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