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- 25/10/01 - Morrowind/Elder Scrolls Fan Sites
Destination Morrowind - News site run by Kathode and Striker Aussie. Kathode actually worked on the game so he probably knows what he is talking about;)

Morrowind Summit - Run by Dallin, also hosts a couple of other Morrowind/Elder Scrolls sites. Hosted by Gamespy.

Aldriens Chalice - Morrowind plug-in website devoted to immersion into the world of Elder Scrolls through stories, research, art, and the games themselves
Morrowind Italia - For the italian speakers amongst you.
Elder Scrolls net - A Russian Elder Scrolls site

Le Site Francais de Morrowind - Morrowind Page by Philoup.

la Grande Bibliothèque de Tamriel - French site which translates Xanathar's Library
TES:3 Morrowind - Another Russian Morrowind site that seems to be very up to date.
Dragons Eyrie - The online portfolio of Mark Jones, Contains some Morrowind artwork.
The Essential Site - Contains some fun stuff as well as info on the Elder Scrolls games.
Xanathar's Library - Now run by Qwerty, an excellent site with very detailed info on many things to do with Tamriel.
The Unnoficial Elder Scrolls Pages - Another monster of a site for information.
Deathgate Cycle Mod - for Morrowind.
Shaido's Morrowind Overview - A brief but accurate overview on Morrowind.
Morrowind Guide - A German Morrowind site, great design, thumbs up to Bobbele.
Morrowind Mod Central - A Morrowind Mod site, coming soon!
Quick-MW- An html version of the official site, by Manauser.
Imperator's Homepage - Homepage of the infamous forum spammer;)
MorrowindMod - The home of the greatest Morrowind Mod group ever!
Blackdragons Morrowind Mod Center - Blackdragon's Morrowind Mod page.
La Page de Julien - Plouds homepage, contains some Morrowind aspects including the french translation of the faq.
Archiewind - Fun morrowind site, includes the guar kissing page!


- 28/10/01 - Other links

Gameshrine - My host


- 28/10/01 - Newsgroups listing - Newsgroup dedicated to The Elder Scrolls


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