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- Euro-Morrowind Site staff

The following is a list of Euro-Morrowind site staff and those who contribute to our continued stature within the Elder Scrolls community. I'd just like to thank them for their marvellous efforts that enables Euro-Morrowind to be the valuable community resource that it is.

  • 1. Content Staff


    - Euro-Morrowind Content Staff
    AngeloB - News Poster
    Archieopterix - Forum Moderator
    Corvus - Weapons, Forum Moderator
    Imperator - News Poster, Forum Moderator
    JdPhenix - Forum Moderator
    Krystala - Forum Moderator
    Lighthawk - Armour/Armor :P
    Lucan - Bestiary
    Nahaliel - News Poster, Spells, Forum Moderator
    N^G - News Poster, Site Developer
    Philoup - Morrowind France
    Ploud - French FAQ
    ShadeTree - News Poster
    Sir - News Poster, Forum Moderator
    Sprot - Site Development

    Swipe Bungee - Forum Moderator

    Tollar - Forum Moderator

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