30/10/01 - Weapons

- Weapons

There are a variety of weapons and weapon materials in Morrowind, and they can come in all different shapes and sizes, the currently known types of weapons are displayed below

- Chitin

Description: These native Dunmer weapons are manufactured from the laminated remains of the Vvardenfell bugs. In the case of chitin, several layers are laminated together which provides a fearsome slashing blade. Chitin weaponry is also noted for its serrated edges which again, can prove deadly in combat. The weakness of this type of weapon is perhaps that it is flexible, that could prove to be a drawback when in use against the heavier types of armour. However against the regions wildlife and lightly armoured opponents it gets the job done.


- Iron

Description: Iron weapons are common and cheap, therefore they are easy to aquire and particularly useful for new adventurers starting off their careers. Whilst they may be commonplace, they are also reasonably effective against most types of opponents due to their metal construction, however the performance of iron weapons is vastly inferior to more advanced weapon materials such as steel, glass, silver and most certainly daedric. It is probably wise to change to another material type as soon as you can afford to do so.


- Steel

Description: Imperial steel is standard issue for a wide range of organisations throughout Tamriel, ranging from the elite units of the Imperial Guard to merchant traders even through to those who prefer more exotic forms of weaponry such as katanas. The big advantage of steel is that it is more durable than iron and can therefore last a lot longer. However there are still weapon types out there which are superior. Steel is a weapon material which seems to set the standard for weaponry throughout Tamriel.


- Silver

Description: Silver weapons tend to be steel plated with silver. While they are elegant and can often be used as a fashion statement as opposed to a proper weapon, they do have some special combat qualities, particularly in their effect against supernatural opponents. Whilst there are no Lycanthropes (or at least seem to be) in the Vvardenfell region, there is still the ever present danger of the undead, vampires especially, to contend with. This makes silver weaponry an almost integral part of any adventurer's armoury.


- Dwarven

Description: Dwarven weapons are no longer produced due to the extinction of the Dwemer, it has come to pass therefore that dwarven weapons are collectors items and worth a great deal of money. Dwarven weaponry is notable in its durability, one needs only look at how the weapons have retained their sharp edge through many many years to still be servicible in the field of battle. This weapon type is amongst the rarer materials found and therefore it is certainly a novelty to be an adventurer in posession of one.


- Nordic

Description: Nordic armour comes from Skyrim and is forged using the secret techniques of the Nord smiths. The runic design upon Nordic weapons is said to imbue the weapon with the additional power of past Nord heroes, and while this has never been proven, the sheer power and destructive force of the weapons forged by the Nords is enough to make any foe think twice before engaging in a battle. One of the more decorative pieves of Nord weaponry is the Nord battle axe which is shown to the right.


- Glass

Description:Glass weaponry is made from crystalline materials which prove to be very sharp, yet stronger and more flexible than steel. These qualities make it a sought after material for assassins, as it can be forged into superb glass daggers. the volcanic crystal glass does not make weapons alone, it can also be worked to produce a superb set of light armour ideal for the harsh conditions of Vvardenfell. Glass weapons designs are often unusual as can be shown here by this glass axe which can be used in a variety of ways to inflict pain.


- Ebony

Description: Ebony weapons are forged from the strange material which is found almost exclusively in the mines of Vvardenfell. Ebony is a very rare and very strong material, and this is taken into account by anyone who is fortunate enough to ever posess armour or weapons made from the substance, as each piece can command a high price anywhere in Tamriel. It is believed that ebony is used in the construction of daedric weapons and armour which remain unsurpassed by more conventional materials.


- Daedric

Description: Daedric weapons are constructed from refined ebony which has been undergone change through the craft and magical substances of the lesser minions of Oblivion. Daedric weapons are the rarest, and therefore most expensive weapons in Tamriel, each single piece costing an absolute fortune. However it is also the most powerful and effective form of weapon that can be found. Aquiring such powerful weaponry is an extrodinarely dangerous task and can only be accomplished by those most skilled in battle.

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