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Its a whopper26/01/03

By request of JB ive uploaded Children of the Night Part 2 to this directory to give it some greater availability.

Included in the CON2 directory is the children of the night part 1 plugin in a zip file, several zips containing the data required for Children of the Night Part 2, and one big rar file that contains everything you need for CON2, for those who dont want the hassle of downloading multiple files. The single rar version is currently only available Here and not on filepants.


Happy Holidays!26/12/02

Just a quick note to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. Yes, I am alive, and no, I don't have any real news for you guys. But again, happy happy holidays to everyone!


YAY I'm finished University!16/12/02

Selfless Advertising:

N^G Has now finished University and is looking for a full time job. With a degree in politics pending, he has already obtained a Higher National Diploma in Social Science, in addition to a multitude of secondary school level qualifications.

From the Politics degree he has acquired the following abilities

· Analysing arguments and data
· Handling information from varied sources
· Critically evaluating issues
· Finding and using information from a variety of sources
· Critical thinking skills needed to understand complex political issues
· Communicating arguments and defending where necessary
· Good writing skills.

The candidate also has a keen interest in computing and is skilled at html, php, java programming and can also manipulate mysql as well as possessing a basic understanding of the workings of macromedia flash. Through the operation of the ever popular N^G has also developed substantial community building and product promotion skills. He is also presently encouraging his organisation skills through the promotion of the PC Zone/Euro-Morrowind plugins competition along with participating in the organisation of an upcoming UK based Tribes 2 LAN party (

Other skills include

· Battling Orcs, Trolls, l33t d00ds and other universally undesirable creatures
· Saving the universe/world/princess/insertnamehere
· Producing an extensive review of a product
· Posting silly news articles
· Various

Previous work experience includes working as a sales advisor in store, followed by his present position as sales agent within a successful and growing call centre. N^G has developed the following qualities from these experiences including but by no means restricted to:

· A good telephone manner
· A good understanding of Sales Practices and Sales Skills
· An ability to aid the customer with their problem
· Assertiveness
· Persistence
· Creativity

Send all of your lucrative job opportunities to [email protected], priority will be given to careers within the software industry or within the IT sector. Applicant is willing to relocate for work.


Morrowind France Updated Design20/11/02

The Morrowind France guys have updated their site design to a stunning new dark blue layout;) you can check it out Here


£2000 Plugins Competition14/11/02

Hi all, we have teamed up with PC Zone, the UK's best selling games magazine to bring you a great new plugins competition. The competition is spread over 2 separate parts to allow everyone to have a good chance at winning the prizes. For more details on the competition click here. We have also prioritized the plugins forum for the time being on our forum list to make it more visible to users. I look forward to participating in the judging of the aforementioned competition:) I'll post some recommendations of mods that prospective entrants may want to take a look at to see the standards that can be attained.


Tribunal in stores now09/11/02

Apparently some major stores actually have Tribunal available in stores today, and I've gotten numerous emails from people who say they purchased the game today.

So I strongly urge all of you to call/check out your local game store and ask if they have Tribunal.

Stay tuned for more information, updates, and reviews regarding Morrowind's expansion, Tribunal.


Got IRC?07/11/02

Quick shout out to #morrowind on Quakenet which im currently sitting in with 38 users, proving itself to be the most persistant morrowind chatroom around. I'll be updating the site to support them directly as the preferred channel of euro-morrowind and indeed if you have mirc all you need to is to click here to connect


Tribunal Goes Gold04/11/02

Rockville, MD - November 1, 2002 - Bethesda Softworks(tm) announced today that The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal(tm) - the expansion pack for its critically acclaimed RPG, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind(tm) for PC - has gone to gold master and will begin arriving in stores throughout North America late next week. Tribunal introduces additional content and features into the already staggering game world of Morrowind, and can be experienced by any player at any point. Morrowind has won more than 40 awards, including Editor's Choice awards from PC Gamer, Computer Gaming World, and Computer Games Magazine.

In Tribunal, a ruthless new king has taken the throne of Morrowind, while an aging god drifts deeper into madness. Into this chaos you are thrust, with deadly assassins close behind you and Morrowind's uncertain future ahead. Your journey will lead you to Mournhold, capital city of Morrowind, to the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil, and through massive, epic-sized dungeons.

Strange and deadly creatures await you in Tribunal, including goblins, lich lords, and the mysterious Fabricants. Powerful new armor and weapons will aid you in your survival, and your adventures will be documented in the improved journal system and an annotatable map. The fate of Morrowind is in your hands...again.


Another Interview01/11/02

Well, until the launch of Tribunal, I don't think we'll see much news other than various interviews.

So here's another one, this time with Ken Rolston, who's the lead producer of Tribunal.

Check it out here.


Tribunal Interview25/10/02

Yeah yeah, long time no news. I would like to formally apologize for that right now... I currently am working on and managing another games website (for a different game; I'm not a traitor =P), and it's taking a lot of my time. On top of that I have school... but I should be able to update more frequently now, especially since midterms just finished. So check back often.

But yeah, enough about me and my mental problems. RPGDot has been kind enough to post an interview with Todd Howard concerning the upcoming expansion, Morrowind: Tribunal.

You can read it here.


Tribunal Preorder and Screenshots24/10/02

Head on over to Morrowind's official site to look at some Tribunal screenshots, an interview with Todd Howard, and even preorder Tribunal from here.

For those of you that don't know, Tribunal is the expansion pack to the third game in the Elder Scrolls series, Morrowind. New creatures, an improved journal, and annotatable map are just a few of the things that await you in Tribunal. You can read more about it here.


Starcraft: Ghost20/09/02

Does it relate to Morrowind? No. Do I care? No. So here it is folks!

Blizzard just announced their newest game... "Starcraft: Ghost" a semi- third person shooter in which you take on the role of a female Ghost (from the Starcraft series) named Nova. According to recent information, the gameplay will be very much akin to that of Metal Gear Solid. A real treat to Starcraft fans indeed.

You know what? Go and look for more information. Now. If you consider yourself to be any kind of gamer, you know what Starcraft is. So go to Blizzard's official site, as well as various gaming sites (IGN has a 4 page article, plus screens, and another 4000 word interview), and check it out. This game looks amazing.

Thank you for listening to yet another random gaming tangent from me.



Just thoughted I drop by. Morrowind has frustrated me for some reasons, some I'm leaving for a month or so. Now now folks, stop crying.



Desslock's Guide to Morrowind16/09/02

First off, special thanks to Kikai and Avatar4life. Actually, more to Kikai simply for being female and voting for me. So this post is for both of them... just more for Kikai. =P

Anyways, Desslock's Guide to Morrowind has finally appeared on GameSpot. It's a huge, comprehensive guide to everything and anything Morrowind, and I strongly suggest you check it out if you need any help, tips, or secrets. Go now!

Click here to get it.

And remember, if you want to appear right here on my next news posting like Kikai and Avatar4Life, simply vote for me as the sexiest mod in the Asylum (yes, this is bribing...)!


New big plugin14/09/02

Bethesda released a rather large plugin today, called Siege at Firemoth. Included is an entire new island fortress and dungeon, so for all you people out there with a desire to level your charecter up, hit this official plugin right now.

Clicky sticky here.

And on a side note... happy birthday Euro-Morrowind! I've only been working here for around... what, umm... 5 months or so I think, but it's really been great. This site kicks ass. Any non believers can deal with me and all the buff mods we have in the forums.


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