Hitchhiker's Guide to Morrowind


The best selling book in Tamreil is, of course, The Hitchhikers’ Guide to Morrowind. OK, OK, it will be when I get around to writ....err... finishing it. Hey any serious writer will tell you it isn’t really due till the publisher calls for it 7 or 8 times. I think it works the same for game development.
In any case the Guide will be the DEFINATIVE source for anything anyone would ever want, or should want, to know about the land of Morrowind. If it isn’t in the Guide, then trust me, you didn’t want to really know it anyway.

The Guide is an insight into the various shoppes, Taverns, Inns, and other points of interest found in the wonderful land of Morrowind. There will also be commentary on the people, culture, and anything else I see fit to write about. The experiences of others may also be used when I am too lazy.. err busy to write an article myself. So if you are by the Guide office and see some unfinished work feel free to polish it off. I’m probably just out to a long lunch and will be back soon...say Fridayish.

At times there may be some HELPFUL information found in the Guide. Any such occurrence is PURELY COINCIDENTAL. The person responsible for it will be sacked. If they are not employed by the Guide, then they will be hired and then sacked. If however I am responsible I’ll feel bad about it and go pet a llama until I feel better.

Any and all information found in the Guide is accurate as far as I know. Unless I can make something up that sounds better or is more entertaining. The facts are simple : Truth is Beauty, and Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If it does happen that your experience is different from that of the Guide there are several possibilities.

1) Its a BUG...... E-mail or call Bethesda and ask for a dev who worked on the gam.Being swell people they will either fix it, or hang up on you, or possibly have you reformat your hard drive.

2) A mistake on your part... Hey its OK. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Go out and pet a llama until you feel better.

3) An elaborate plot by your computer, possibly Microsoft but considering I don’t need to be sued by them you didn’t hear it from me.

4) A plot by a dev to get even for something you posted in the forum.... That is what you get for trolling or spamming.

5) A plot by a loved one to get even for you playing Morrowind and ignoring them.... The fault lies with the loved one...have them replaced immediately, or when you finish that quest you are on.

In any case please remember THE GUIDE IS ALWAYS RIGHT !! Its reality that has got it wrong.

The City Life

The People and Culture

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